Top 3 Best Adjustable Beds for Acid Reflux

People who suffer from acid reflux soon understand that the position of your body makes a difference. It’s not enjoyable to be woken out of a sound sleep with heartburn and digestive discomfort. Did you know that your bed can impact the incidence and intensity of an Acid Reflux condition? Body positioning can trigger uncomfortable symptoms in the middle of the night. If you’re waking up with these troubling issues, here is everything that you need to know about Acid Reflux and how an adjustable bed can bring relief.

What is Acid Reflux?

Acid Reflux is a digestive disorder, also referred to as GERD, short for Gastroesophageal reflux disease. A diagnosis of this means that the muscle ring that lies between your stomach and esophagus is affected in a way that allows digestive acids to move upwards, causing indigestion or heartburn. While doctors recommend changes to your eating habits, and some lifestyle changes, in severe cases, surgery is necessary. Most often, medication is prescribed in the form of antacids and H2 blockers. Lifestyle changes that include avoiding certain body positions can lessen the symptoms

How Acid Reflux impacts your sleep

When the body lies flat, it makes it easier for acids to move upwards through the esophagus and even into the throat. This can cause coughing episodes and even choking. Even small amounts of digestive juice can wake you out of a sound sleep. Over time, the acids cause irritation to the soft tissues and even begin to erode the tissue. This can cause spasms that temporarily block breathing channels. The natural response is to awaken. When your body is in a lying down flat position, the risks of having acid reflux are higher. Sleeping in a slightly elevated position will use the force of gravity to keep gastric acid where it belongs, in the stomach.

Ideal sleep positions

If you experience acid reflux, the quality of your sleep can be improved by adopting a different sleeping position. Since you’re depending on gravity to keep the stomach acids from rising, you should make sure that your head is elevated about 6 inches. This can help prevent stomach refluxing. Studies have shown that sleeping on the left side and avoiding sleeping on your back can also reduce the number of GERD attacks. Since your lower esophageal sphincter relaxes when you’re on your right side, avoid this position.

How an adjustable bed can help reduce acid reflux

An adjustable bed can help you to find the perfect position for your body, by letting to adjust the height of your head. If you depend on propping your body up with pillows, you probably roll off them in the middle of the night. The only way to make sure that your body stays at the right elevation is to have a bed that you can adjust to keep you at the right angle. Keeping acids in the stomach through gravity is the key to avoiding a miserable and often painful night.

Things to look for in an adjustable bed

The first thing to think about is the firmness of the mattress. Do you sleep better on a firm surface, a soft one or somewhere in the middle? Mattresses are made in a variety of firmness, or hardness levels and we all have our own personal preferences. The next thing to consider is the durability of the mattress. You’re making an investment, so you should check out the manufacturer’s description as well as reviews from others. This can give you a sense of the overall quality of the materials, how long it lasts on average, and how well others liked it. Also, consider the price and the warranty. It’s a good idea to make comparisons before making your choice.

The best adjustable beds for acid reflux in review

We’ve reviewed the most recommended adjustable beds for people with acid reflux. We shortened the list to the top three. There are three different brands that offer a variety of features. Since everyone has their own needs and preferences we found a diverse assortment. We included a description of each bed, the features that people found useful or helpful, and other important information. This will give you good information to find the adjustable bed that will help to give you the best possible night’s sleep.

1. Serta Motion iSeries Adjustable Base

This adjustable bed frame gives you the ability to change the position of your bed to the ideal configuration for your comfort needs. A wireless remote control comes with teh bed and includes preset positions for both head and foot. It is also equipped with power outage protection and a stability system. The Motion adjustable has silent motors which move your mattress into the precise position you want.


This bed frame is platform friendly and it’s engineered with quiet drive motors so you won’t be bothered with noise when using to make the adjustments. The power outage protection keeps your bed functional if the power goes out, and it prevents electrical surging. The frame features 9 inches 3-in1 stackable legs, headboard brackets that are adjustable, a mattress retainer bar that is adjustable and it can accommodate a maximum weight of up to 650 pounds. The Wireless remote features six buttons with a one-touch flat preset position and a zero-gravity preset position.


The Serta Motion iSeries was given an overall rating of 4.4 out of a possible 5 stars by customers. The majority of people who completed reviews were happy with the ease of making adjustments to the position of the mattress. Many suffer from health problems and need to find the right position for their bodies. This bed frame allows you to adjust not only the head but the feet too. This bed is available in a range of sizes from Twin XL to California King.


This bed comes with a 20-year limited warranty that protects against defects in its making, on a limited basis. An additional 5-year warranty is available for parts replacement and 2-year warranties on electronic components.

2. iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base, Wireless, Massage, Zero Gravity

The iDealbed Custom is one of the highest performing adjustable bed frames on the market today. If features a folded design with an assembly process that only requires two steps for fast and easy assembly. State of the art design and modern engineering make this the ideal choice for anyone with mobility issues. It’s easy to put together and easy to operate.


This bed comes with foam padding, unlike some other models. This increases the support of the structure and extends the life of the mattress. It comes with an 19-button wireless remote that is backlit for nighttime use, for customizing settings to meet your body position needs. The head may be adjusted to 70 degrees and the foot up to 45 degrees for achieving any angle or position. The motor is ultra-quiet when in operation with a lift capacity for up to 850 pounds. You can use teh under-bed LED night light to illuminate the room. There are also pre-set position buttons and memory positions to make a customized pre-set for y our favorite positions. It also comes with a massager with a timer for increased comfort. The frame is usable without legs for zero clearance or can be used with legs for a total height of between 7 to 14 inches.


There were 102 reviews left from people who bought and used this bed. The majority remarked that they had health issues which made positioning important to the quality of their sleep. Ninety percent gave this bed a perfect 5-star rating and ten percent gave it four stars. An overwhelming number say that it improved the quality and the length of their sleep and they recommend it to others.


There is a limited manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years, with 3 years of full coverage on all components, including the motors and electronics on this bed.

3. Member’s Mark Adjustable Base with Pillow Tilt and Massage – Full

The Member’s Mark Adjustable Base bed lets you adjust your sleeping position easily. We included this as the best affordable adjustable bed for the money. While it doesn’t come with all of the deluxe features of some of the more expensive brands and models, it offers easy positioning with high quality for customizing your sleep positions.


This bed comes with pillow tilt support that moves up to 30 degrees. The bed can be adjusted by an included wireless backlit remote that lets you customize the heat adn foot with up and down positions. There is also a massage feature for maximum comfort and relaxation. The 3 pre-programmed positions are flat, zero-gravity and anti-snore. The bed is also equipped with two USB charging ports for charging electronics and mobile devices. Durability is high with reinforced steel undercarriage. The heat and foot motors are quiet when in operation. You can also customize the leg height to 6,9 or 12 inches. A special non-skid fabric helps to keep the mattress firmly in place.


The Members Mark Adjustable base is among the highest-customer rated affordable on the market. It’s durable, thanks to the reinforced steel construction. People who purchased this bed and gave their opinions gave it an overall score of 4.7 out of 5 for comfort, ease of use, performance, and quality.


This bed comes with a 10-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. When purchased through Sam’s Club as a Member, a satisfaction guarantee is also included.

What can we do to help protect our planet?

There has been a loud outcry by environmentalists on the need to keep our planet safe. This has been after it has been noted that many pollutants are constantly being introduced to the natural ecosystem. The result has been the destruction of the environment through various means.

The ozone layer that protects the earth from the harmful sun rays is being destroyed every new day. Water sources are getting polluted by man’s activities to the effect that sea animals are dying swiftly. The climate has also experienced anomalies that were not witnessed before. The whole situation is almost getting out of hand, and the ever increasing temperatures are evidence of this change. Therefore, the biggest concern is what will enable us to save the earth from the exponential depletion of natural resources. The following are some of the tips:

1.    Reuse and recycle

Many of the pollutants found presently in the environment are plastic papers, cans, glass and many other materials that can be used more than once. Cutting down what we discard after little use is one of the means of ensuring that the environment is clean. Additionally, it ensures that resources are saved. Countries that have embraced recycling have saved a lot on having to handle massive amounts of wastes.

One of the means of destruction of wastes is incineration. This technique ends up adding pollutants to the atmosphere if not done in a controlled manner. It is therefore imperative to recycle and reuse these materials before settling on destroying them.

2.    Conserve water

Water is one of the most significant resources on the planet that we cannot survive without. Recently, water sources have suffered immensely as a result of man’s activities. Primarily, climatic change due to man’s activities has played a part in this situation.

Presently, the water held in the glaciers is decreasing fast due to the global warming that is already being felt. As such, there is a need for us to conserve water. Everyone has the responsibility of ensuring that this is achieved. While in the home, ensure that water doesn’t run on the tap while not in use. Also, harvest rainwater for use during the summer. Additionally, we should use water only when it is necessary and recycle if possible.

3.    Plant trees

Deforestation has played a significant role in aiding the climatic change that has been experienced on the earth. We usually cut trees for the construction of buildings as well as a source of fuel. However, very few people care to plant trees where they’ve been cut. To control climatic change that has resulted in the prevalent disasters such as hurricanes, lack of rainfall and other abnormal weather changes we need to plant trees.

Remember a tree takes many years to grow. On that light, it is imperative to plant more trees than what we cut to increase the chances of survival. Trees are crucial agents of balancing the ecosystem’s stability by consuming carbon dioxide and providing oxygen for animal use.

4.    Drive only when necessary

It is all evidence about the immense pollution that burning of fossil fuels brings to the environment. The gases emitted contain carbon monoxide and particulate matter that end up in the air. These pollutants are the precursors of ozone layer depletion that brings global warming. In this respect, there needs to be a way to stop the destruction of our environment. In many cases, we drive where we can just walk. Also, if going for short distances, we can choose to cycle a bike instead of using a car. With each reduced use of motor vehicle, there will be a reduction of the emitted fossil fuels waste. This will be key to handling the destruction of the environment.

5.    Save energy

We consume a lot of energy in our day to day activities in means that are not important. For instance, switching off lights during the day when there’s natural sunlight is being wasteful. Also, we use light bulbs that consume a lot of energy when there are energy saving ones that can help save a lot of power. Electrical power is derived from water sources and saving on the use of water is imperative on saving the earth from environmental destruction. Therefore we need to save energy use as much as possible.

6.    Use recyclable materials

The use of plastics has made many cities suffer from environmental pollution. The presence of plastics lying all over is a common scenario in many places in the world. The increased use of plastic materials brings the situation. We can, however, address the issue through the adoption of using recyclable materials.

For instance, sisal bags are biodegradable and also durable in use. Thus, instead of buying plastic papers that will find their way to the environment, it is advisable to use sisal bags. The lives on many earth animals and plants depend largely on the safety of the environment. Therefore, keeping it clean is key to ensuring that we provide these organisms with a conducive habitat.

7.    Volunteer to clean

There are probably many places near the home or workplace that are polluted with materials such as plastics and other non-biodegradable stuff. We have the responsibility of keeping these places clean at all times.

On this respect, we should join hands with environmental care agencies to ensure that we collect all the wastes and dispose of them off accordingly. Incineration under controlled conditions that ensure minimal exposure of the smoke to the environment is one of these means. We can also bury waste containers from harmful chemicals. Volunteering will fix many environments from destruction. Also, we can educate the society of the benefit of environmental conservation.

In conclusion, our planet is at risk of suffering from depletion of natural resources if we do not act quickly to rectify the rot. It will take a combined effort of all individuals to put into in practice the above recommendations.

Global warming is real, and many parts of the world are already experiencing its effects. We cannot wait for this trend to continue anymore; otherwise, we shall have a torturous living environment. Imagine a situation where the sun burns twice as it usually does? This and many other effects are set to be experienced on earth unless we take measures to curb the degradation.